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Booking Cancellations & Amendments

The low down on changes and cancellations.

How can I make a change to my ticket or cancel my flights??
Please check your itinerary for the rules of the flights you have booked to find out if these can be changed/cancelled, or if they are non-changeable/non-refundable.

If they are changeable or refundable you can either call us on 1800 719 668 or email us on to do this.

My name is spelt incorrectly on my ticket, how do I change this?
Please call or email us as soon as you are aware of this and we can help sort this out for you. An amendment fee may apply depending on the airline and/or fare type

How do I transfer tickets to another name?
All flight tickets are sold on a non-transferable basis, therefore you cannot change the name to another person

Who do I contact to get my tickets amended while I am overseas?
You can either contact the airline directly, call our team on +61 2 7254 6361 or email us

What happens when I book connecting flights separately?
If making separate purchases of flights online for the same trip or connecting trip, no liability can be accepted for schedule changes, cancellations, voluntary or involuntary date changes on one of the bookings which may then impact the suitability of the second or other bookings. Where changes are then required to the second or subsequent bookings normal amendment and/or cancellation penalties will apply.

Can I receive a refund of taxes on my non-refundable ticket?
Yes. For international bookings you can claim back the cost of the taxes. Contact us on 1800 719 668 or if you need to claim back your taxes. Please note this process can take the airline up to 6 weeks. There will be a service fee of $30 for this.

How can I find out the status of my refund enquiry?
Please contact us and we will be able to give you an update.

If I change or alter my flight booking what fees apply?
Any changes after booking will incur an amendment fee of $30 per person per ticket for domestic flights and $60 per person per ticket for international flights, in addition to supplier and airline fees. Airline tickets are non-transferable and so are not able to be transferred into another person's name. However if you have made an error when entering the passenger name details whilst making a booking on the website this error may be able to be corrected. Fees for this vary according to each airline. Whilst some tickets have specific maximum validity, no airline ticket is ever valid for more than 12 months from the date of original issue. Re-issue, amendment and upgrade conditions must be completed within the 12 months from the date of original issue.

If I cancel my flight booking what fees apply?
A Mix & Match Travel cancellation fee of $30 per person per ticket for domestic bookings and $100 per person per ticket for international flights will be charged in addition to supplier and airlines fees. For full details of cancellation rules for your tickets please refer to the Airfare Rules detailed on your itinerary and also in the search results.

What if I cancel my flight booking that has been purchased using Afterpay or Laybuy?

If you've used Afterpay or Laybuy to pay for your flight, you'll still need to stay on top of any remaining payments until we get that refund from the airline. It usually takes around 6 weeks. If your fare isn't refundable, you'll still need to keep up with all the payments if you decide to cancel your flight. A Mix & Match Travel cancellation fee will apply in addition to supplier and airline fees.

Why has my flight been changed by the airline and what are my options if I don't like the changes made to my reservations?
From time to time, airlines need to amend their routes, schedules or flight numbers for operational reasons. Where this is the case, we will endeavor to notify you of any changes prior to your departure date. Most schedule changes have only a minor impact, if any. However, if you have concerns regarding the impact of a change on your other travel arrangements (e.g. connecting flights etc) please contact us on 1800 719 668 or to discuss your options. A major change to your flight arrangements is classed as a change of more than 12 hours to your departure time, or a change of departure airport. In the event of a major schedule change, if a suitable alternative is available, we will offer it to you.

If I don't agree to schedule changes made to my itinerary can I use the ticket at a later date?
Generally no. If you have had a major schedule change of over 12 hours applied to your flight you will have the option of changing your booking with a full refund of airfares only which may be used to book an alternative flight. Any booking fees or credit card fees are non-refundable. Note, as the agent Mix & Match Travel cannot take responsibility for the change of a schedule by an airline.

Once I accept a schedule change from the airline on an itinerary can I change my mind?
No, at the time the schedule change is made you will be given alternatives, however these will not be offered once the initial change is accepted by the airline.

If the airline makes a schedule change on my reservation do I have to pay anything extra?
No, you will not be charged

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