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Important Traveller Information

The important stuff you may not have thought of.

Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy at the time you pay for your travel. You should ensure that such insurance is adequate to meet your potential requirements, including for medical expenses arising from sickness or injury during your travel, non-refundable items or loss or damage to your belongings. Please be aware that your travel insurance will be subject to strict limitations and conditions including a requirement for full disclosure of material facts including pre-existing medical conditions.

Airline reservations
Airline Conditions of Carriage
All airline services are subject to the individual airline’s conditions of carriage, copies of which are available at or are otherwise available on the airline website direct.

Schedule Changes
Airlines may reschedule flights after you have booked with us. We will use our best endeavours to rebook you on alternative flights which meet your requirements. Flights are subject to availability. We cannot be held responsible for any additional costs or loss you suffer due to schedule changes. Occasionally departure times may change, and it is important that you check all your flights at least 24 hours prior to departure, to ensure hassle free travel.

Check-in Times
In Australia check-in time is normally 2 hours prior to departure for international flights & 60 minutes for domestic flights. Domestic flights departing from International terminals may require 2 hours prior to departure. Additional check-in times are given on your itinerary as a guide.

Dates and Times
All dates and times shown in this itinerary are local to the cities concerned and current as at the date of your itinerary/booking.

All tickets are non-transferable (unless explicitly noted otherwise); name changes are not permitted.

Flight Sequence
Flights listed on your ticket must be used in sequence. This means that if you don't use one of your flights, all remaining unused flights on your ticket will be automatically cancelled. If you need to make a change to your flights, including if you want to cancel one of them, please contact us in advance to discuss the options.

Airline Seating
Airlines allow seat requests but do not guarantee seat numbers until check-in. Any seat numbers shown on your itinerary are therefore subject to confirmation at time of check-in.

Departure Taxes
Any prepaid taxes are now included and shown in the price of your airline ticket, however, some airports require you to pay upon departure.

Baggage Allowance
(Unless otherwise noted) Checked baggage allowance is shown on the search screen prior to purchase and on your itinerary. PC refers to a bag or item of baggage. These vary by fare type and airline and some fares do not include a checked baggage allowance. Always check the applicable Fare Rules and conditions of carriage of the relevant airline. Please refer to this website for baggage information per airline - you only need to enter the airline involved.

Frequent Flyer
If you are a member of a Frequent Flyer Programme it is important that you advise your membership number to the airline upon check-in and retain all boarding passes and tickets. Check your next statement to ensure points are credited and notify the airline immediately if they are not.
Note: not all airfares purchased are eligible to earn mileage points.

Passport, visa and documentation requirements

All coupons, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the relevant Principal. If you do not have copies of these please let us know as soon as possible.

For international travel you need a current passport. Prior to confirming your travel arrangements, please check your passport and establish that it will not expire less than six months after you return from your trip. Expiry within that time may mean you are denied entry to other countries.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary visas and comply with the pre-entry requirements of the countries you plan to visit. You may be denied boarding if you do not have the correct visas or entry permits.

Travellers holding foreign passports will require a visa to re-enter Australia. It is your responsibility to ensure you hold the necessary visa to re-enter Australia if you are travelling on a foreign passport.

Health Visa
A visa or test documentation may also be required where a contagious disease or serious health problem exists. If you have ever had a serious communicable disease you must clarify visa and pre-entry requirements with the embassies of the countries that you plan to visit.

International Car Hire
An International Drivers Permit is required in some countries to drive or hire a car. Any hire or use of a vehicle overseas will be subject to your usage agreement with the hirer and you may be liable for any damage or infringement of local laws. We strongly recommend you obtain insurance for any rental vehicles hired. It is also recommended in many others, especially where English is not a native language. This does not replace your Australian driver licence, which you must also carry with you when you travel. For more information or to apply, contact the AAA

Carrying ID
In some countries, it is always a requirement to always carry your passport or other recognised ID with you. There may be a fine for being unable to produce proof of identity if asked by a police officer or other official. As there is no central database for these requirements, we recommend you check the local government website of each country you are visiting before you arrive.

Travelling information
Travel Advisories and Events Outside Our Control
While we make reasonable efforts to advise you of any risks of, or restrictions in travelling to your destination as recommended by government authorities, these recommendations can change without warning. You should regularly check the Australian government website

Register Online
The Australian Government encourage all Australians travelling or living overseas to register online. This allows them to contact you if there is an unforeseen crisis, or if you have a family emergency, while you are overseas. You can register at

Returning/Entering Australia
The Australian Border Force protects the security of our borders. When you enter Australia from another country it is important that you know the customs laws to avoid any issues. Click this link to view their brochure which is designed to help you with Customs formalities on your arrival to Australia.

Vaccinations and Medical Requirements
Certain countries or service providers may require that travellers be vaccinated against specific diseases, and potentially pass other medical requirements. Check with your doctor and the embassies of countries to which you are to travel to satisfy yourself as to whether your destination has any requirements in this respect. We are not medical professionals and do not accept any liability for losses in connection with failure to meet health or medical requirements for entry to a country or use of travel services. We do not accept any liability for any medical issues or losses caused as a result of the use of the travel services.
For the most up to date international health advice and medical services for those intending to travel abroad, please visit
If you have ever had a serious communicable disease, you can be refused entry to many countries. If you feel this may affect you, please follow up with the appropriate authorities which is usually the Consulate of the country that you are visiting.

Additional Security Measures
Strict carry on restrictions now apply to all travel. Any liquids, aerosols and gels that passengers want to take in their carry-on baggage will have to comply with the following requirements: All liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers of 1OOmls or less, passengers must carry their 1OOml containers in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag of 1 litre volume (this is a re-sealable sandwich bag like those available at your local supermarket), each passenger, including children, will be allowed to carry on one, 1 litre transparent plastic bag. The plastic bag must be re-sealable and presented separately from all other carry-on baggage at the screening point. These measures apply to any items that can be poured, sprayed or smeared. The rules apply for liquids such as water and other drinks, but also extend to gels, pastes, lotions, and the contents of aerosols. This includes toiletries such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair gel, lip gloss, facial creams, mascara and liquid lip balms. Exemptions are in place for certain essential medicines, baby products and dietary supplements in liquid or gel form. Passengers carrying hypodermic needles will need to declare them at the screening point, with, where possible, documentation or identification confirming their medical condition. Medication should have a professionally printed label identifying the medication, or a manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label affixed. Government and airport authorities set out restrictions on the items and medicines that can be included in your carry-on baggage or on you during a flight (or in your checked-in baggage). Rules can change without notice. It is your responsibility to check before departure for any restrictions applicable to your specific flights or countries you are entering. Certain items must be packed in your checked baggage. If any of these items are detected in your carry-on baggage or you're found to be carrying them, they will be removed and will not be returned, and you may be subject to fines, convictions and/or other penalties.

Unaccompanied minors and special needs
If you have special requirements or children or young persons that need to travel alone, then please talk to a member of our Call Centre on 1800 719 668 who will be able to ensure you receive the right information and fare for your circumstance.

Taxes, fees and charges
Prepaid Government taxes and levies plus any fuel charges that apply to your airfare have been included in the total price you are paying. These are included in the ticket price on your itinerary. Some countries, however, require you to pay taxes on departure, so it's a good idea to have some local currency in reserve. If you are unsure if this applies for your travel arrangements or would like to confirm this please call our call centre on 1800 719 668

All prices quoted in the booking website are in Australian dollars.

Important note
All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of booking. It is important that you are familiar with all Terms and Conditions of your travel booking. Please ask us if you have any questions concerning this.

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