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Why book with Mix & Match Travel?

Why book with Mix & Match Travel?

Want more choice and flexibility when booking flights around Australia and to your favourite destinations around the world?

Mix & Match Travel offer's you more choice when searching, comparing and booking flights. With over 100 airlines to choose from, you can find the best value airfares all in one place.

You have even MORE choice when you Mix & Match airlines for each leg of the journey... Search and compare more price options, more flight experiences, more time schedules all from more airlines. With Mix & Match Travel you can mix and match the airlines you fly with on EVERY destination. It's your trip, your way!

We’re the travel mate you really need because we take care of all the fiddly stuff so you can dive straight into the fun part of travel. We have real people answering the phone so if it all hits the fan, we’ll keep our cool and get you back on track.

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There are a heap of other benefits when booking flights with us:

  • You can buy now, pay later - so no more FOMO while your friends take off without you!
  • You can become a registered Mix & Match Travel member which gets you access to secret deals and competitions
  • You can download the Mix & Match Travel app and manage your booking seamlessly + it comes with a range of features and benefits
  • Plus we are your one-stop shop for all things travel: book a rental car or an experience

So why not get started today...find the best value airfares with Mix & Match Travel.

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