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Know your Airlines and Standard Airline Requirements

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What is my baggage allowance?
Baggage allowances can vary by airline, class of travel or fare type and destination. Checked baggage allowance will be displayed beside each fare so you decide which option is best for you. Carry on bag allowance is generally limited to one bag at 7kgs. Some airlines will also allow a smaller item such as a handbag or laptop.

Cabin baggage: The following items CANNOT be carried in your hand baggage: Toy or replica guns (plastic or metal), catapults, knives or sharp objects. If there is a medical reason that any passenger needs to inject themselves during the flight (e.g. diabetics) they are permitted to carry syringes in the cabin. They may be asked to produce medical evidence when they check in or at the security screenings (a doctor’s letter will suffice). This should be kept with them at all times.

Checked in baggage allowance:

This depends on the airline you are flying with as each airline now has its own baggage rules and specifications. This information will be displayed beside each fare at the time of booking, and will be stated on your itinerary.

If you are unsure or would like to confirm any allowances call us on 1800 719 668

What are Permitted and Prohibited Items?
Prohibited items are weapons, explosives, incendiaries, and items that are seemingly harmless but may be used as weapons - the so-called 'dual-use' items. Please contact us or the airline if you are unsure whether an item is prohibited or permitted.

Do I get a meal on the plane when flying domestic?
On most full service airlines you will offered a light snack and tea or coffee, depending on the airline, fare type booked, duration and destination. These may not be offered on low cost carriers such as Jetstar or lower fare types.

Do I get a meal on the plane when flying overseas?
Most full service airlines offer a meal on international flights. If you have purchased a seat only type fare or are using a low cost carrier such as Jetstar, food and beverages are not included but will be available for purchase.

How can I request special dietary and/or children’s meals?
When making a booking enter any requests in the Additional Notes section in the Travellers details section – please note that some airlines only have a limited range of meal options available depending upon the route. If you need to add special meals after you have made a booking you can either call us on 1800 719 668 or quoting your booking reference and we will place your request with the airline. Please note childrens meals are not automatically added when you book a child fare, these must be requested.

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