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Airline baggage allowances with Mix & Match

Plan your packing.

Please note the baggage rules of the operating airline apply and can vary depending on the travelled route. For example if you have an Qantas ticket but your flight from Sydney to Dubai is an Emirates aircraft, the Emirates baggage rules will apply for this flight.

Baggage allowances below are per adult or child and based on standard baggage allowance per airline. If you belong to a points or rewards programme that allows additional baggage please refer to the rules of your programme for details.

PC on your ticket or rules refers to a bag or piece of baggage, for example if your itinerary or ticket shows 1 PC this means 1 bag at the permitted weight allowance below.

If the carry on allowance includes a personal item, this can be one of the following: A wallet, brief case, laptop, tablet, coat, camera, books or magazines.

Dimensions below are the size of bags and relate to height, width and length including any handles or wheels. These are the maximum permitted for each airline. Where just a total is stated this is made up of the height + width + length.

Baggage charges: If your tickets shows 0 KG or 0 PC your ticket has not check in baggage allowance. In most cases you may be able to purchase baggage through the airline website, at the check in process or at the airport. Baggage is normally cheaper if you purchase this online. Please check with the airline you are travelling with or the Mix & Match Travel team on 1800 719 668.

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