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MixPay: Your Ultimate Flight Payment Plan for Savvy Travellers

What is MixPay?

Mix and Match has an exclusive flight payment plan that lets you mix and match two payment methods to pay for your flights hassle-free. So, whether you're playing the balance game or making sure your travel buddy chips in, MixPay is here to save the day! With MixPay, you can mix and match two different payment types across all the types we accept, including Afterpay, Laybuy, account to account and credit card.

And if you're booking with a friend, no worries! You can book together and still pay separately in one go. Talk about squad goals, right?

How does MixPay work?

Once you've selected your flights and sorted out all the traveller details, it's time to bring in MixPay for the win. First off, you'll select the MixPay option as your go-to payment method. You choose your first payment type, for example, Afterpay (you can choose any preferred payment option first except for account to account), and type the amount you’d want to pay, including payment fees. Then, onto round two! Pick your second payment method, for example, account to account. The system will automatically show you what's left to pay, including any fees. Once that second payment slides through smoothly consider your booking locked and loaded!

We're all about giving you the ultimate flexibility to book now and pay later, especially if you're keen on those buy now pay later options for your adventures.

MixPay Flight Payment Tips

First things first, if you're thinking of splurging with Afterpay or Laybuy, it's a good idea to have your accounts all sorted beforehand. Make sure you're all set up and good to go before you start eyeing those flights. Registered to get these accounts set up and double-check your balance.

Now, let's talk about a little hiccup you might encounter: imagine you've made one payment all excitedly, but whoopsie daisy, the second one doesn't quite go through due to a balance blip. No sweat, it happens to the best of us! If you find yourself in this pickle, just hang tight. It'll take a bit of time for the refund to be processed back to you but fear not! Give our friendly team a call and they'll help you sort it out, transferring those payments to your new booking.


Why do you have a 20-minute time frame?

Just a heads-up about our flight booking process – we like to keep things fair and square for everyone!

Here's the scoop: we hold onto those flight spots for 20 minutes to give you some time to seal the deal. During that time, we need all the payment action to happen. It's like a quick game of beat the clock!

Now, we get it – life can be a whirlwind sometimes, and those payments might take a little longer to sort out. But if you go over that 20-minute mark, those flights will be cancelled. No worries, though! If that happens, just start the process again by picking out your flights. And guess what? Any payments you've already made will be refunded promptly.

We're all about keeping your booking journey smooth and stress-free, so let's stick within that 20-minute window and make those travel dreams a reality.

What happens if my first payment gets declined?

No worries if your initial payment doesn't go through! We'll shoot you a quick message to let you know, and then you've got options. You can either give it another shot or switch gears and try a different payment method. We're all about keeping things flexible!

We'll make a second attempt to process the payment, and if it still doesn't stick, no biggie. You'll get the same message with the same choices. You've got three tries in total, but if none of them pan out, we'll have to cancel the booking. We'll kindly ask you to circle back once your payment situation is sorted.

Wondering what happens if your first payment is approved but the second one declines?

Just like with the first payment attempt, if your second try doesn't quite hit the mark, don't stress! You'll get a friendly heads-up message nudging you to give it another shot or switch up your payment method. You've got three shots at it before we hit the cancel button.

In the unlikely event of a declined second payment, we've got your back. We'll refund your first payment pronto as soon as it's processed. Keep in mind that refund processing times can vary depending on the payment method, but we'll hustle to get that money back to you ASAP.

To proceed with your booking, simply start again. Once you've picked out your flights and landed on the payment page, give our team a quick call. They'll jump in to help transfer your original payment to the new booking. It's key to move fast to make sure we can handle the transfer before the refund process kicks in. Easy peasy!

Wondering about payment fees?

We get it – nobody likes unexpected surprises, especially when it comes to booking flights. Here's the deal: payment fees are usually included in your booking, except if you're paying in full through an account-to-account transfer. The amount varies depending on how you choose to pay.

But don't stress – we've got your back! Once you've selected your payment method and amount, we'll do all the math for you. Just make sure to factor in enough to cover your limit, including those payment fees. Before you hit the "Continue" button, we'll show you the total so you can double-check and make sure everything's on point. We've got your back every step of the way!

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